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Six Months (Evenings and Weekend)
Admission Requirements
1 A copy of your last degree certificate (if applicable)
2 A copy of your complete bio-data
3 Two passport size photographs
Rs. 25,000/- (“No Evaluation, learn and participate” program with 75% attendance required)
Rs. 35,000/- (University Certification, Participation with 75% attendance, and need to take evaluation)
Students interested in receiving a University certification will be required to
Take a final evaluation (either practical work, research or writing submissions).
A series of seminars will be conducted by the expert tutors to mentor students in writing thesis
and creating projects towards submissions.
How to Apply
You are required to fill the application form (found below), print it
and submit along with two passport size photographs,
Photo copies of your bio and last degree certificate (if applicable) at our Academy.
Course fees are accepted only in cash,
or cheques in favor of 'Ranga Mandira'.

Introduction to Sadir

Six Months Certificate Course (Part-time)
Course Description
This course is structured as a post-discipline study where a student of any form of classical dance can delve into the contextual and historic understanding of subaltern dance form of Bharatanatyam. The class will focus on practical training in the discipline of Sadir where focus will be given in understanding the paradigm shifts in body training, aesthetics, concepts of symmetry, contextual and historical repertoires etc that happened to Bharatanatyam in the 20th century. Students will have the opportunity to learn and imbibe from hereditary dance Gurus, making the master classes a “practice as research” modules in the course.
Students taking this course will develop comprehension of the form of dance they practice, acquiring training in Sadir repertoire. Further research in areas related to dance history, anthropology, ethno dance studies, choreographing history, identity, culture etc are opened up.

Six Modules
1. Adagu-s
2. Sadir, Cinnamelam, and Dasi attam- a historical overview
3. Understanding the Margam- Dance and Dance music
4. Practitioners, Performers and Patrons of Sadir
5. Koil and Kottagai Sadir- history and learning repertories
6. Master classes- unique repertoires


Academic: Tenth standard pass
Level of Training: Practitioner of Bharatanatyam (learnt at least till Sabdam).
If other styles of dance, about 5 years of serious training.
Copy of any certificate of Degree, Diploma not below Tenth standard

2 Passport size photographs
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Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship

Six Months Certificate Course (Part-time)

Course Description
This course addresses key questions such as “Does arts need management? Do artistes need the help of organized systematized managerial personnel?” This course is uniquely designed to cater to the Indian market where aspiring Arts Entrepreneurs can attempt to create new opportunities, businesses that make both arts production and arts management a viable, successful endeavour. Focusing on real issues, the course will open up at the introductory level, various avenues that can become viable entrepreneurial possibilities. Students of management courses, law, arts, humanities and any one who has the interest to build an enterprise in arts, other than just being a performer, can take this course. Writing classes, leadership, vision will enhance and make the student an asset to the arts market as the first of its kind entrepreneurs, who can epitomize the adage “Behind the scenes of any great art or artistes is a great entrepreneur who is working hard to create a brand”.

Six Modules
1. Principles and Practices of Performing Arts Administration
2. Artistes management and management science in the performing arts industry
3. History of concert art and traditional brand building
4. Law and performing arts
5. Writing in the Arts
6. Interdisciplinary arts and collaborations

Pre- requisite
Academic- Under graduate degree in any discipline or Diploma in related fields of arts, management, law or any other discipline.
Basic interest in Arts and History and arts entrepreneurship, management, finance, marketing. Students pursuing B.Com, Management can use this course as a value added course.


Copy of any certificate of Degree /Diploma in the field of Humanities, Management, Law, Arts etc/ Bonafide of pursuing a degree in any discipline.
2 Passport size photographs
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Unique Pedagogies in Indian Music

Arts and Sports – study the world

Nattuvangam for Dance

Six Months Certificate Courses (Part-Time)

Course Description
Comprehensive training in laya or rhythm aspects of dance, with particular reference to Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi will be given. Each module is designed to cover the primary aspects (in a non exhaustive way) in the art of doing Nattuvangam. Students will be trained in structured exercises towards handling a class using the traditional tattukazi (stick and block) as well as conducting concerts wielding brass cymbals. Voice training in rendition of jatis along with wielding of the cymbals will also be focused. Learners will acquire skills to become proficient teachers, trainers, choreographers who can set rhythmic patterns and Nattuvanars, additionally, to enhancing their dancing experience and training.
Master classes with Mridangists who play for dance, will add value to the understanding of complimentary team work on concert platforms.

Six Modules
1. Jati and Gati exercises
2. Various Talams and Sollus
3. Dance Sollukattu and Mridangam Sollukattu
4. Setting Korvai-s, Jati-s, Teermanams and Notation
5. Wielding the Tattukazi and Cymbals
6. Music and Nattuvangam

Pre- requisite
Student must be a dancer with over six years of active learning (must have learnt until the Varnam)


Letter of bonafide or certificate of training in Dance for over six years/ letter of recommendation from a reputed dance practitioner/ scholar.
2 Passport size photographs
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Introduction to indic Studies

Six Months Certificate Course (Part-time)

Course Description

Students will be introduced to various art, history and archaeology related subjects that will provide them an overview of Indology as a holistic discipline. The classes will be very interactive with tutors who are experts from the field, sharing their own research and experiences. Focus will be given to allow learners to find the connecting points between history, architecture, iconography, Epigraphy and other disciplines. This course can be a step-one for a student towards further pursuit of any one discipline of their choice in detail, research and participate in on- site Indology related projects, becoming resourceful in Indological sections at libraries, museums and other academic forums.

Six Modules

1. History
2. Temple Architecture
3. Iconography
4. Epigraphy / one unit from any other course -Interdisciplinary
5. Literature / Archaeological practice/ one unit from any other course-Interdisciplinary
6. Religion, arts and Aesthetics

Pre- requisite

Academic- Under graduate degree in any discipline or Diploma in related fields of art. Basic interest in Arts and History


Copy of certificate of Degree /Diploma in any discipline
2 Passport size photographs
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Sound and Lights for Performance